From Deprived Desire to Un-Desired Happiness

Three quarters of the year had gone by already and it almost seemed like a déjà vu. All the hard work done on a project was unrewarded and on trying to get a reasonable justification, well haven’t you heard – never challenge a decision made by your superiors. A rather nasty habit of mine, I challenge people when something is not right, be it related to anything, and in this case it was my growth at stake! While I had given so much proof of all the work and achievements and improvements and what not, how could I’ve let it go without getting the reason for not been rewarded, yet again.

Covering my tracks carefully and doing everything one could ask for, while supporting my case, I was hoping for better results. What was to follow, only time could have known? From the beginning, I kept all the seniors and important stakeholders in loop and made my intensions and aspirations clear. Never let my work getting impacted because of little hold ups in what I wanted to achieve. In fact, stretched myself to deliver more. For the first time, in a very long time, I could see words of praise coming around. The appreciations, not only from internal stakeholders and team but from the clients as well, kept coming; at times they were verbal while at others they were written.

Content with I’ve achieved till this point, I was constantly having discussions with my supervisors and hoping my case getting stronger by the day. I remember speaking to my supervisor for putting my name up for consideration. Like all others in the past, he was reluctant to do it for various reasons but he agreed to do it in the end. That was literally THE first step. Unless, my name was there in the list of nominees I has no chance of being considered. By all means, it was a long shot considering the time I had spent with the current supervisor on the project.

While I was contemplating the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments, I received a communication from the manager on the project (at the time) saying the clients have shared their satisfaction on achieving the work with great professionalism and they were giving out more work to the organisation because of the work we have done and the way I have led the team. And they would like me to continue on the project and lead the team for the next project as well.

This was the silver lining I had been waiting all along, I thought to myself. I felt really proud of the work I had done, felt really thankful to the people who made it possible, and managers who gave me the platform where I could get recognised and be rewarded. Everything was going in my favour, at least that’s what I thought. A month later, the results were announced and to my dismay I had not been promoted. I couldn’t stop thinking about the possible reason for it. Oh well, there is always a reason or two up your manager’s sleeves. Even though I had client appreciation, it was overlooked because the complexity of the project was low. For the other things I did, there was less supportive evidence. And the project which I delivered and got more work, well that’s something expected from everyone – nothing unusual.

At this moment, I snapped! I just didn’t know whether to exhibit anger or be normal. I just went numb! Hours later, when my bogged down mind came to its senses, I realised there was nothing much I could’ve done and there is nothing much which I could do now. The sensible approach would be to keep my head high and embrace myself with all the happiness I could, rather looking for reasons to be dejected and depressed. Reflecting back, I think I’m in much better state than I would have been, had I let the feeling of rage or anger get the better of me. When the going gets tough there is nothing much you can do, but smiling in the face of adversity is a characteristic of a strong person: a professional; and that’s what we are!


Author speaks: I’m not here to change the world; I intend to make an impact on one soul at a time. If you like my work, please press Like, or better yet put a Comment; perhaps a feedback. However, the best appreciation of my work will be to Share this with your friends and your social circles (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and others).

Thanks in advance!


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