While Samsung Was Folding

The thing with technology is, it keeps evolving. The pace at which it currently is, makes me wonder if it’s a good thing or bad?! On one hand there are things which seem so futuristic that you would want to grab one of them, while the lifecycle of these products is reducing at faster pace than even; and I’m afraid it will continue to do so.

While I’m preparing myself to invest in one product, which mind you doesn’t come cheap these days, I need to be thoughtful of the changes or upgrades which might happen to it sooner than I could expect. So, it’s something like I’m planning to buy iPhone 7 while the company is ready to launch a new version in 6-8 month time. Shelling out $800 for a product which will be upgraded in less than a year is not something I would appreciate, unless I don’t mind the upgrades and can make use of this product for next 2-3 years.

How do you react when you read about an upcoming product?

Around the world, there are expo happening with major companies showcasing what they have been working on and would be launching those products soon. During one such expo, if news article is to be believed, Samsung showcased a folding smartphone cum tablet. Like many others, my first reaction to it was, wow! I liked the way the product could be folded and how the system would detect the mobile or tablet mode. Moreover, the device could then be connected to Bluetooth keyboard and can be used with much more convenience. However, when I looked closely at the video I noticed something unusual and kept on thinking whether this would hold up for long.

When the device is folded or flattened out, there is a visible impact on the screen which made me wonder how long the screen could sustain the pressure before it wears and tears out. If you keep on changing the views then the joints would become loose, there would be impact along the fold, and there is a high chance the screen would crack. I’m sure the company would have thought about it, but the usage of device over prolonged period of time could not be replicated and nor could the different ways in which user would use the device.

It might be too early to comment on any of that, but for the sake of argument let me know what you think?


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Thanks in advance!


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