And Your 9 Minutes Start Now!!

Glancing through the top stories on my twitter, I came across a much unexpected item; “Tax workers in Australia have refused to extend their day from 4.51 to 5pm – what could you do with an extra 9min at work?” That’s somewhat absurd, I thought. Firstly, that’s an odd bit of time to close your day, and secondly, I was unaware that people in Oz worked till 4.51pm. My initial thought was to ignore it and move on to other things. But then, I couldn’t keep it out of my mind for long. I know there could be many things which a person can do, however I came up with these (not in any sequence)

  • The most impactful thing which I’ve seen off lately is the executive orders being signed by US president. If you are at an important role, it might be enough for you to pass an order or a decision.
  • A customer service representative could help a customer with his concern, who must have waited more than that to get through to someone who could help.
  • Professionals working hard could take client calls, discuss issues, and provide information on which they have worked throughout that day.
  • A brilliant sales person might need less time, but if he is not able to convince the potential customer in less than 9 minutes then the chances are he might not be able to do it, at all.
  • If you follow most watched sports like baseball, cricket, or football then you must know how each minute could play out. Roughly 3 pitches or an over could be bowled in that time. On your best day, a team could score a goal in 30 sec. So, 9 minutes could change a match’s outcome completely.
  • For a patient, who has had an attack or has been shot, 9 minutes could become a matter of life or death. The response time for a medicine or time before an organ fails is generally less than that.
  • The brave soldiers, who tirelessly fight and put themselves at harm’s way, 9 minutes could mean getting backup team or an air support when they are about to advance to enemy’s post.

These are some of the things which one could achieve in 9 minutes or less. Understandably, these are subjective or situational scenarios which you might not come across every day. However, one should not underestimate the importance of every minutes and what can be achieved during that time. I personally feel, it’s not only time but the will to complete a task at hand which makes the difference. Yes, it’s end of day and you have to catch a bus or a train back home, or drive miles away steering through traffic. However, the work which you’ll complete in those 9 minutes or somewhat more would save you nearly an hour when you come in the next day!

All of us try and plan our day’s work, but there are times when it just spills over. Situation beyond control stays as it is. But, if there is something which you can achieve during the day then aim for those extra minutes, wherever possible. The sense of achievement, might not be noticed or rewarded, at least you’ll have a peaceful sleep.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” ~ Michael Altshuler


Author speaks: I’m not here to change the world; I intend to make an impact on one soul at a time. If you like my work, please press Like, or better yet put a Comment; perhaps a feedback. However, the best appreciation of my work will be to Share this with your friends and your social circles (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and others).

Thanks in advance!


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