How Not To Fall For The Online Marketing Trap

Yeah.. yeah.. Knowledge is power, we all know that and heard it several times. But, in order to gain more knowledge what do we do? We speak with intellectuals or read about the area of our interest. The information is widely available over the internet, look where you know must!

What is the most common thing which you hear from the experts?

First of all, there are no experts on the matter. Whoever go where they are now, never thought they would reach there. Well, they must have hope for it for sure.

They all will tell you to follow what they have done. Have you come across blogs or articles which say, “5 step to achieve this” or “3 things you have been doing wrong” or “How to make money quickly”?

The internet is flooded with such trap doors!

Why do I call them trap doors?

  • First and foremost, they all have similar information, just paraphrased or tweaked info-graphics.
  • Secondly, it’s a marketing pitch for the author, if only you could understand.
  • Thirdly, somehow it worked for the author, but do you have any way to validate it?
  • And lastly, isn’t marketing all about being able to convince the potential customer. And, in this case the author convinces you that his method or write up is pretty useful to you.

The more you are convinced, the more chances you’re going to like, share, and/or comment on it.

Now think, who is benefiting from it eventually?

Who is getting famous, getting more followers, and eventually making money?

I bet you knew that already, just didn’t want to admit you were falling for the trap as well.

There is nothing to be ashamed of or denying the fact. Look at the bright side, it was not a complete waste. Every bit of hearing or reading tells you something, gives you a different perspective which you can plan to use it to your strength, your strategy.

You Still Don’t Believe Me, Do You??

OK .. Tell me, what do you think about this?

Can you tell me which strategy worked here and in which article have you come across such a scenarios which fits the bill?

Let me tell you – NONE!

For Chris sake, if people knew what would work for sure, wouldn’t all those people who read those (marketing) articles be famous already?

And, if that were true then you wouldn’t be writing any articles any more since you would be flocked with curious people wanting to know how you did it?

Wouldn’t your mind be like a supercomputer, predicting human behaviour?

More than information, current events, or any other guide people are interested in bold and obnoxious content. You start sharing your sensual photos and you are a hit overnight.

Then again, events like Football World Cup was enough to crash the social media.

If only human minds were predictable, any strategy you followed would have done wonders for you.

Till then, the only thing you could do it read, plan, execute, and have patience.

Unless of course, you are willing to showcase your ugly side and cause an online stir; but never fall for such traps which guarantee you success, overnight!

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Thanks in advance!


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