No Amount of Pain Can Break You, If You Learn This!

Search for elasticity on Wikipedia and the article will start with “In physics, elasticity (from Greek ἐλαστός “ductible”) is the ability of a body to resist a distorting influence or deforming force and to return to its original size and shape when that influence or force is removed.


The force or pressure is never enough to break anyone, literally. However, according to AIS (American Institute of Stress), around 80% people undergo some form of stress at work; nearly half of which don’t know how to deal with it.


Whether, it’s managing work-life or managing difficult people around you, the amount of stress or pain one goes through is proportional to one’s ability to manage such situations.


As research would have it, a vast majority of people can’t deal with these situations without being aggressive; which is similar to not being able to deal with it.


I see an opportunity where most of us see anxiety, stress, and pain.


Most of us have had these thoughts/situation, more than a couple of times

  • I was made to work till late after office hours
  • I was made to work on something I was not comfortable with, or had no previous knowledge
  • I was denied the rewards and recognition, which I deserved

How many of us deal with it head-on?

Challenged the manager or argued with him. We might even had compared ourselves to other and highlighted what we were doing (more) than the other people in the team.

But, have you really thought about the kind of work you do or you’re being asked to do?

Oh, I’ve been there, done that all too. But, I’ve always taken up the new work [the dirty work] so that I can stretch myself, and see if I can possibly handle that, or how much of it I was prepared to deal with.


The end game, has always been to be prepared! To be prepared for what’s out there, when I move to a different place, a different role, or when unexpected events occur.


Doing the same thing would prepare me for the same thing, but when the same thing runs out – where would I land?


More than that, I’ll not be doing the same thing – time and again.


So … shortcomings are short-lived, and they make you short-sighted. But, when you have bigger picture in your sight, you don’t lose hope, your ultimate goals.


The ship farthest from the shore explores more treasure. – If you haven’t heard that before, well… You’ve heard it now!


One should explore more and stretch beyond the routine, not because it’ll benefit you in the short term, but because you would know what you can achieve or must achieve, in order to reach your goals.


Moreover, this has to be an ongoing process which you engraft in your lifestyle, of your freewill rather than a forced one!


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