How Not To Fret And Provide Unified Customer eXperience

Every single day, people, at the top or who are responsible to make a brand name, wish that the world out there is not staring at them or taking a dig at their brand’s inconsistencies.


For them, there’s a never ending tussle ensuring their employees, existing and potential customers and partners, investors, and influencers are getting one impression about the brand. And there is no brand confusion or conflict, arising from how few things turn up.


And, with millions and billions of people across the world connected via social media, words spread like a wildfire.

Brands Are Not Built Overnight

Brands, are not built overnight, nor are they built by the effort of a few people; it’s built by the efforts of every individual, as an on-going process.


If you, as an employee, want to convince me to something then you ought to believe in it before you can sell the idea to me, a customer.


Imagine you working for an airline or restaurant brand which puts customers first, but you, as an individual employee, fail to keep the customer happy either by providing the best possible service or by not listening to what the customer is asking for, then you have failed not only the customer but the brand as well.


Well, the customer would think the policies to be contentious and feel cheated by the company/brand. And, with the access to smart phones and social media, we all know what can happen next.

ONE Brand, ONE Journey

A brand experience should be like a process, a bond, a commitment across the organization which every individual must invest in and live up to.


Irrespective of there being multiple divisions, subsidiaries, acquired or merged business units, the primal focus should be to integrate this to form ONE brand.


The joining of forces should mean defining everything for that ONE brand – the vision, the organizational structure and its diverse culture, the brand values and market positioning.


One should understand that the company’s ultimate goal is to grow and fulfil customers’ expectations, as one entity.


If the business units continue working as individuals then the first and foremost challenge would be the management of cross multi-functional units, which could and, to some extent, would result in confusions, miscommunications/overlapping roles & responsibilities, and unnecessary hold-ups – not only for employees but for the customers as well.


To enable business units to deliver unique brand experiences, which is aligned with the stake-holders’ demands and expectations, it’s imperative to have a command centre or a centralised controlling unit which manages and directs every other business unit.

What Do We Do Now?

Well done! All you have managed to do by now is put together the engine from a Ferrari, tyres from Michelin, seats from a Mercedes, body from Rolls Royce, and similar things.


The restructuring was like putting all the part together for a concept car. However, the test drive and customers reviews is what you need to fine tune your car, before you can mass produce it or call yourself a premium brand, and be really proud of what you’ve created.

You get the idea, don’t you?

Oh silly! You need the customer feedback and success stories from each of the units integrated and then use them to define the common policies and work culture which will drive your business.


While you’re at it, don’t forget to reassure your stakeholders that the combined entity will only work towards improving the collective strengths and will focus on reducing the pain areas.


Remember that customers are like audience members at a show. They don’t see the lighting director or the makeup artist at work behind the scenes; they only see the performance on stage. Processes and procedures are just as integral a component of brand experience as the final product.” ~ Jason Cieslak


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