At office, what do you do apart from work?

Since the graduation days, I have been actively involved in sports activities and other events. I have often organised technical, and cultural events too. I continued this trend in the organisations, I’ve been part of. Organising, or participating in social activities is a good way of getting close to your team, and releasing work stress. Even a simple lunch outside of office premises can be the ice-breaker.

Apart from socialising, I prefer learning. Whenever possible, I indulged myself in online training or trainer led courses, which are provided by company’s training department. Also, I spend time online learning about various topics. There is a lot which a person can learn by reading the internal (company) wiki. Then there are company policies which one should be aware of too.


What are your hobbies?

I’m a geek when it comes to technology. I read a lot about the products being launched, or the latest technology which people are working on. Apart from technology, I like reading about management, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality. Travelling is a big yes! Anytime of the day of year, you ask me for a trip and I’ll be ready. Of course, there are constraints (office, finances, and family) which one needs to check. But, I wouldn’t miss any chance to see the world with my lens. I have a keen interest in photography. Then… there is a child in me which likes playing games, whether an outdoor sport, or indoor video game. At home, I like to cook sometimes. When I used to stay away from home, I did a lot of cooking. It started off because I had to, but then I started enjoying it. Some of my other hobbies are watching tele series and movies, listening to songs, and writing reviews/blogs.


What type of food do you like?

I’m a vegan/vegetarian, and born to a Punjabi family roti with dal/curry is all time favourite. I do like switching between the Italian, American (fast food), and the variety of Indian dishes.



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