Puneet Relan, as Analyst, for Higher Education Statistics Agency

Goran Stefanovic

Goran StefanovicSenior Analyst/Developer at Higher Education Statistics Agency

I highly recommend Puneet Relan for any SW testing position. Puneet worked with me on a project as a white-box tester, responsible for testing whole application’s functionality as well as module testing. He picked up very quickly requirements and produced test plans. The results and metrics he created were always on time, accurate and well documented.

Puneet created and performed standard end-user application testing as well as unit testing using NUnit or Visual Studio and C# debug environment.

In addition to having excellent software testing skills, Puneet has been a great team player. He eagerly participates with the other members of the team, sharing his ideas and expertise. He is always ready to jump in anywhere we need help.

March 14, 2012, Goran worked directly with Puneet at Higher Education Statistics Agency

Vijay PhadkeSenior Test Analyst at HESA

I have worked with Puneet for about 1 year. Basically, I felt that he was too qualified to do a testing job. Of course, he did his job quite diligently. His attention to detail was found very commendable. I wish him all the very best in the future.

March 14, 2012, Vijay managed Puneet indirectly at Higher Education Statistics Agency


Puneet Relan, as Senior Engineer – Testing & Configuration, for Subex Systems

Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh KumarSenior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle

I worked with Puneet for Vodafone-Ireland project. The project was a challenging in terms of complexity and scope. Working in the capacity of senior test engineer, the test cases prepared by Puneet were comprehensive and hence the number of issues found on the site were negligible…hence a quality delivery!

By the time of implementation, he had developed a good understanding of all the modules and could easily support the onsite team.

As a person, he is very friendly and polite. I’m sure he’ll be a valuable asset to any organization he works for.

April 23, 2012, Mukesh worked with Puneet at Subex Systems

Feeroz AlamAssociate Manager at Subex Ltd

I used to report to Puneet while my service at Keane International Pvt. Ltd.
He is a very smart and energetic person who knows how to deal with situations. We were always ensured that he was there for us in case of any official or personal issues. Very professional at work and trustworthy. Apart from professional life, he is a friendly person.
Expertised in writing Unix scripts and capable of carrying out a system’s work all alone.

October 5, 2009, Feeroz reported to Puneet at Subex Systems

Swathi NagarajaProject Manager

Puneet was my senior in Keane and was also my team lead for some time. It was good working under him as he has a vast domain knowledge and would always help in solving any issues or difficulties which would pop up.

October 5, 2009, Swathi worked indirectly for Puneet at Subex Systems


Puneet Relan, as Senior Test Engineer, for Keane

Murali Kumar
Murali KumarSSE at Keane

Puneet is a very dynamic team player and quick learner. During the period of training session with him, he had been a smart worker putting the things he learnt to practical use very quickly.
As a friend, he gells quickly with any new person and is flexible enough to work with any team he is assigned to. Also, Puneet manages his daily activities very well making sure that he balances his professional and personal life well.

December 23, 2009, Murali worked with Puneet at Keane

Deepak BhadriIndependent Test Consultant

Puneet is an excellent techie with good management skills. He is a very proactive person with good communications skill. He has succesfully delivered lots of critical projects in tight time scales and a good team player. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Puneet & definitely would like to work with him again.

October 8, 2009, Deepak managed Puneet indirectly at Keane

Manjunath BaburaoPrincipal Software Engineer at SAP Labs

Puneet is shrewd and quick learner. In his position as Senior Test Engineer at Keane, Puneet did an excellent job and was an asset to our organization and a valuable resource to the ‘Orange’ account he worked with, during his tenure with Keane.

He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.

He is a great team player and always ensured that the team was able to meet the required deadlines and schedules.

He also played the role of an Onsite co-ordinator in the Orange account and worked with the customer in UK. He was appreciated by the customer for his incessant efforts to deliver quality end products on time.
He was also successful in motivating the team to provide their best and earned a good reputation in his position of the co-ordinator.

Puneet would be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.


October 5, 2009, Manjunath worked with Puneet at Keane

Shoiab JameelProject Manager at NTT DATA

I have worked with Puneet for more than 30 months and have found him to be an honest and hard working person. I have been trained along with him and from that I also know him to be very smart, energetic and competent engineer with keen analytical skills and a professional attitude.

I have enjoyed working with him as I’m sure will anyone else.


July 10, 2009, Shoiab worked with Puneet at Keane


Puneet Relan, as Test Engineer, for Orange Business Services

Praveen Prabhu
Praveen PrabhuNTT Data Delivery Manager at giffgaff, CSM

I have known Puneet for 3 years and worked together in Orange UK for Billing and Payments domain. Puneet was responsible to manage the testing aspects of important projects in Billing Orange UK. He is intelligence, hard working and has an ability to quickly narrow down options during project testing and complete the testing successfully with in the project release. Puneet is most knowledgeable person I have met in Telecom Billing and testing area. I would love to work with Puneet again.

September 9, 2010, Praveen worked directly with Puneet at Orange Business Services

Sridhar RamakrishnanDigital Transformation, Technology Evangelist, Author, Enterprise Architect at Screwfix

Puneet is good technically and is never the one to shy away from new challenges. I have had the experience of working with him and was impressed by the wonderful job he did to document test strategy for a completely new system considering that he was totally new to the system and with no one to assist. An asset to any organisation he is part of !

October 11, 2009, Sridhar managed Puneet indirectly at Orange Business Services

Ramya ShankarSSE at Pegasystems

Puneet is a fantastic test engineer, who pays attention to minute details in any usecase that he handles and takes complete ownership of the work he takes up.

October 7, 2009, Ramya worked directly with Puneet at Orange Business Services