Over the years, I have worked with different technologies, under various domains. I have been flexible, and adaptive to new environment. The curiosity to learn and grow has often pushed me to work as an Analyst, a Lead, a Coordinator, a Mentor, and likewise.

Working in these roles has only given me more knowledge, and enhanced my skills. Apart from the work one performs, it’s imperative that one has good soft skills too. It’s an art to articulate things while speaking face-to-face, or while presenting it in an e-mail. As I have grown in the industry, I have learnt that without certain essential skills like communication, presentation, time management, solo and team work, and few others my work will not be efficient. And so, I have made it a point to constantly learn and hone these skils, by practising them time and again.

A graphical representation of how I fare, or rate myself is below.


Any manager, was at some point, an engineer. Learning from experiences and situation, one grows to a stage where he has to mentor others. For this, he must be knowledgeable, and must have the skills to effectively communicate with others. He should be a problem solver, should be able to mediate (diplomatically) between different levels. When it comes to planning and delegating work, one should know the strength and weaknesses of its team, and be good at making such decisions.


A good leader in one who understands the company’s vision, and is able to share it with the team. One should be able to create a team, motivate them, and be able to effectively get work completed.