Dreading The Future With Robo-tation

From the age of stone to the Iron throne, we have come a long way.


The pace with which the technology is advancing, it’s overwhelming – scary and exciting, at the same time.


The infatuation, which most human have, with the sci-fi is ever increasing.


The existence of super humans or the super powers, seems like the most desired fantasy.


The mythology had such people and the future will have such people, with extra-ordinary might, suggest the scientists who are working relentlessly on making it possible.


A scientist brings home an ape, feeds him, treats him like a family, and tries to teach him the human ways. But, he is not able to provide the natural habitat which the ape long desires, to be with the likes of his own.


Then again, there is T-8 and similar ones, who possess vast knowledge and can guide you about thing from past to future.


Learn from Planet of the Apes or Star Wars, the technological advancement can’t, just yet, replace the complex emotions, wired deep in to human neurological system, with any other creature.


A machine can carry out a millions calculations in a fraction of time, but when it comes to handling few emotions simultaneously and act accordingly – no one could it better than a human.


There was a movie which I saw a long time back, 2002, which had something to do with robot replacing human. In the movie, there is a director who makes the movie all by himself and replaces the main character with computer enhanced person, which he calls Simone (the movie) or Simulation-One.


Now, the reason I mentioned this movie is because the director could code a few basic facial expressions/emotions to the simulated character, however it was all machine/code controlled, and nothing which it could have done on its own.


My point being, there’s a reason why humans think the way they do; there’s a reason why animals don’t think like humans do; and there’s a reason why you can’t force a machine to think like humans – although I would be intrigued by the possibility of that happening in near future; the complexity of human brain has not been decoded for anyone to replicate it.


When you think about replacing humans with robots, do you actually think you could rely on robots completely?


Of course, there are areas where robots could be absolutely worth having and can be more efficient – like working in auto repair shops, cleaning the floor of a restaurant, guarding a shop or an office complex, or even carrying out heavy loads.


Nonetheless, without a human support or supervision, things could go awry pretty soon.


Hey, we wouldn’t want the earth to be turned in to a movie where robots are fighting with humans, or worst, taking complete control.


Well… that’s movie stuff and let’s leave it to that for now!


But, like the flip sides of a coin, there are pros and cons of any advancement. While, one group is working to resolve one or more problems with a technology, there’s another group who’s planning other things with it.


I’m just being wary of the fact that, if not controlled with tight regulations and guidelines, the vicious circle around such technologies could bring more harm than good.


I’m not voting against any advancements, rather I’m amazed of the progress this world has made over the past few decades or so.


But, when prototypes are being used as a fore-front to showcase good, while the real intent is not so good, then you ought to question, think about the bigger picture and the end result.


Think about it, perhaps you’ll find a reason to question it too, just like I’m now!


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