Creating Sustainable Livelihood: To Make Our Lives Better, Eventually

Travel the world while you are young; don’t we all aspire to do that?

The nature has so much to offer, and combine that with the efforts people put in to make a place desirable – priceless!


Some people are born at such places, while others work towards that dream. Thank god for giving you, or your parents the ability to make that happen for you.


Nobody wants to live poor – that’s a given. And, any child coming into this world has no control over where he’s born.


Let’s keep destiny aside for a moment and ponder over things like

  • Why do people desire to go abroad?
  • Why is there so much brain drain?
  • Why people are not doing something to improve conditions at home?


So on and so forth …


The most common reply you would come across is – there’s no will to make things better and everyone wants to make money themselves.


Isn’t that true?

Everyone wants to make money, to survive, to enjoy the comforts which comes along.


If you think hard or follow the stats, you would realise that survival is first and foremost criteria for majority of the population, everywhere in this world.


You might have come across NGOs which support various causes like; clean water, education, child support, cancer support, and many more. These exist, because they are selfless and want to bring a change.


Arguably, some of these are front face of certain god forbidden activities. But, it would be like labelling a community wrong if a fraction of it go the other way.


Then again, who’s asking you to trust blindly?

In today’s world, where information is available in abundance, you can always get more details and make an informed judgement.


If you want a clean environment, start cleaning your house and set an example. Then motivate others to follow. Gradually, you would have a team of people willing to clean the community, the area around, and create a larger impact.


The willingness, the adamancy, and the support of like-minded people is all you need to kick start; to bring about the change you seek around you.


BTGT (Bridging The Gap Together), is one such organisation who has made that temperament in to a mission: a mission to provide teaching/training to people who have the desire but no means, to ensure those people become capable to find a reputable job than wander off to path of darkness and indulge in offensive activities.


Even if you are a business person, or not, you would know the concept of Supply-and-Demand

Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of people in search of job, but not all of them end up getting what they want – the reason being the skill gap in what employee has to offer and what employer requires.


BTGT, is playing that intermediary who understand what firm or organisations are looking for, and provides skilled training to people which can help them cater to such organisational needs; be a good fit.


Why work with EWS?

On top of my head, I can give you few reasons

  1. They don’t have any support or guidance, and are most gullible to go the wrong way
  2. These are the people we later complain about, causing havoc or mischief – prone to become scapegoats
  3. Educating them, will in turn help each and every one of us to bring the change we long for
  4. The educated and experienced are more expensive, and organisations are not able to create jobs in lieu of that (increasing operating cost)
  5. Last but not the least, the open needs are not fulfilled because the organisations see a skill gap and are reluctant to fill those needs – eventually the need becomes burden on existing staff; leading to loss of need, extra work, no work life balance


Now… Think hard, and think again – who will benefit or what impact it will have, if people around us are more literate, have a job that pays off, and are not manipulated by others for their mean motives?


We can sit at our home, complain about the law and order, blame the government or the private organisations, and do nothing ourselves. Or, support such causes and make lives around us better, to make our own life better.


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Author speaks: I’m not here to change the world; I intend to make an impact on one soul at a time. If you like my work, please press Like, or better yet put a Comment; perhaps a feedback. However, the best appreciation of my work will be to Share this with your friends and your social circles (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and others).

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Get Rid of All Those Taxes Already!

“WATCH OUT!!”… There is a loud screeching of the tyres. And then, “BAM”… Somebody hit from behind. How often do you find yourself in similar situation while driving on Indian roads? You try to avoid sudden jerks because the road is not level, poorly constructed speed breakers, or the craters formed on the road due to rain or poor construction; but in vain. Thousands of accidents happen resulting in deaths or altercations. Despite all the complaints and statistics available with the government, no action is taken. After a long wait and lot of protest, a temporary patch is done: which stays for few days or weeks. This is just the basic introduction about roads, one of the necessities which every city and its residents have, should have.

We are living in a country where basic infrastructure is at its bare minimum; slightly more in metros perhaps. However, we pay a huge sum of our hard earned money as taxes, desperately hoping that situation will change at some point in time and like all other developed countries we’ll be able to reap the benefits of our investment. If claims by independent analysts are to be believed, named amongst few of the wealthiest governments, Indian government can function without collecting taxes for few years.

In spite of everything, we pay salary taxes based on the tax slab. Then there is tax on everything else. In fact there is a tax on savings, if it goes beyond mere 10k a year. What are you hoping to achieve with that? In a typical (middle class – working) household, a major chunk of monthly income goes into loan repayment; I would say about 60%. Then, nearly 20% or more goes in to house expenses. Of course, there are other expenses which will always come up, no matter what. Ideally, you are left with 5-10% of your monthly as savings. Not to mention that you have to pay for your insurance and other investments from this amount, so that you can save taxes. And this is when you don’t have kids. Effectively, you are burnt out and left with almost nothing.

All this without anything in return seems a complete loss. I would’ve been able to understand if, at least, the government was providing a better roadways, global connectivity, health care, education, and so many other things which countries even less well off (financially) than ours enjoy. It’ll be nothing short of a miracle if I see all this within this lifetime.

Anyway, my point is not to create a sudden awakening, rather a question if we can have a no tax system or a single tax system. A system where you need to pay taxes just once, maybe an income tax, and then don’t pay for any other service or utility. The people who are providing there services or utilities should be liable to taxes at their end and not transfer the burden to consumers. Government can’t provide all the facilities to billions of people, but can help them in individual wealth creation and help them to lead a healthy life. Arguably, there are lot of wealthy people here and they will continue to find ways to beat the system. But who will think about the vast majority who can’t be classified as high net worth individuals.

“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein


Author speaks: I’m not here to change the world; I intend to make an impact on one soul at a time. If you like my work, please press Like, or better yet put a Comment; perhaps a feedback. However, the best appreciation of my work will be to Share this with your friends and your social circles (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and others).

Thanks in advance!