Game of Theories: How Not To Be Played Down

If you have been following Prison Break, a popular US TV series, then you would know about the latest season which has come out after a very long time.


Well, watching the series this time, I never thought I would come across something which would intrigue me so much and so instantly. It is something which Sara discusses with (her husband) Jacob in relation to Michael, and he says it is a classic Game Theory approach.


Made Me Wonder, What This Game Theory Is?

Been in existence for over six decades, was originally thought to be related to zero-sum game – where one gains at the loss of other. However, it’s now an umbrella term referred in relation to logical decision making.


Seems like a lot of effort and research has been carried out over the years, which has resulted in various situations and fields in which this theory has been applied and evolved.


We All Start With “Imperfect Information” …

As I start reading the different types of game theories, I was astonished to learn, although these are mathematical or economics based models, these can prove to be lifesaving in real life situations. And, how being knowledgeable about such theories can help you identify potentially un-friendly tango [military term used for target or opponent].


In a world full of deceptive people, it’s almost unlikely to attain all or complete information, which is correct or perfect – resulting in favourable outcome. Most of the games/situations, thus, are played with imperfect information, from the onset.


In A Perfect World …

In a perfect world, there would be one controller or dictator who would hold all the cards and would know the outcome. Seldom, is the case!


Therefore, till a decision or an outcome is reached, think of it as a continuous game which feeds on the outcomes of many players, who may or may not be set in motion by the one calling all the shots or actually playing the game.



Moments back, I mentioned these theories could be lifesaver. Let’s see how?


Whether you are hiring a person, making a business deal, or presenting your case – knowing as much about other person or company would be beneficial. That’s a given, whenever we go out for an interview, isn’t it?


Whether that information comes handy or not, the moral advantage it gives you, can’t be matched. Moreover, at a higher level, it’s the leverage you have on other person which decides which way the deal or negotiation would go.


The Cooperative and Non-Cooperative game types would tell you that your chances of success would improve considerably if you are able to form alliances; doesn’t matter if they are with mutual agreement or enforced.


With the assumptions and the need of bargaining power over others eliminated, that’s two less things to worry about.


Still… In a business, where things can get uglier than your imagination, it’s advised to still have that bargaining power; humans are unpredictable!


In order to reach a goal, we break the whole journey in to smaller milestones. And, the outcomes would densely depend on the outcomes of the strategies devised for these milestones. If these milestones are people dependent then it’s asymmetric, and if the people can be replaced in a way that only outcome matters then it’s symmetric game play.


“A symmetric game is a game where the payoffs for playing a particular strategy depend only on the other strategies employed, not on who is playing them.” – Wiki


Keeping a holistic view, these theories should guide you to take an educated course of action.


It is one thing to be uninformed, and another to be informed. Then again, what you do with that information or the lack of it, decides the outcome.


First, you use them to get relevant information, and then, you use that information to get to them! ~ P.R.


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There Is A Motivation In Demotivation

#How Managers Can Demotivate Team

After a long period of negotiations the project is won. The plan is put in place, the team is decided, and the work commences. Numerous hours are put in and people work day-in day-out without complaining. Even if they do complain, at times, they are made to realise the importance of the project and criticality from the client’s view. Not everyone is the same, so there are managers who will like to micro-manage their team. There might be many reasons for this, however the most prominent is the fear of being looked upon as less competent or to match up against the expectations of superiors. In few cases, the person really has a twisted mind and has a burning itch to control others.

These know-it-all will quash your ideas as they feel challenged, they will shift blameon you, and pretend to help you by guiding you to do thing their way. In an essence, they need a puppet or a toady whom they can control without making it too obvious. Once they have such people under their command then it’s no more a fair game for others who try to fight it out on the grounds of merit. If someone is blindly following them then they’ve to do something for them in return, to keep them sticking. So, merit goes out of the picture and certain bias comes in to play. The best part is, they will make it look as if merit was the main reason behind their actions. Some other ways in which such peopledemotivate others and spread venomous feelings all around – giving false hopes, making you work against unrealistic deadlines and expectations, and always finding a way to put you down. Their biggest strength is the way in which theymanipulate others to do things and keep themselves out of anybody’s imagination, so nothing leads back to them.

# How To Be A Good Employee

So when you walk in to the office, with all the confidence you could reflect, always keep your head straight and be passionate about your work, yet be humble at the same time. Being ambitious is good but one needs to be respectful towards others as well. Newton’s third law in quite intriguing when applied to one’s life. Your every action will bring along a reaction: like a boomerang. Acquaintance, colleague, or a work friend: they all have their importance in your growth. You’ll be surprised to see how an unconditional act of helping others will return manifold when you least expect it. While one bad deed with dig craters for you. People around you are your best promoters. Choosing the right experience, from previous jobs, and the values which you have learnt from your loved ones help you become what you are or will be in future.

However, there may come a time when you’ll be overlooked and not appreciated, in spite of you rising beyond everyone’s imagination and expectations, always being there in the need of the hour, and efficiently working on every project the organisation puts you in. Situations may arise when you will be dropped for people with less experience. But, there is a learning from every story which takes place in your life.

No one is perfect, so learning should never stop. Sooner or later, you shall find an organisation or a manager who would appreciate you and your work and be unbiased towards you. Your qualities will stand you apart, anywhere you go. As I read in one of the blog, you should acquire the characteristic of a rubber ball in you. When you are pushed towards ground, you let your feelings collect within your body and then you channelize them to bounce back; rather than cracking.

“You can either learn to become like you have been treated or learn to become the exact opposite. At least, have a conscious thought over it and have a pretty good reason for it. Otherwise, it’s not worth the effort.”

Author speaks: I’m not here to change the world; I intend to make an impact on one soul at a time. If you like my work, please press Like, or better yet put a Comment; perhaps a feedback. However, the best appreciation of my work will be to Share this with your friends and your social circles (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and others).

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