Can Fireworks Lighten Up Political Campaign?

Throughout the year there are numerous festivals which are celebrated across India. One of the reasons for it is India being a secular nation and every religion has its own set of occasions to be celebrated, while the other – we just want to make a reason to celebrate. It’s not the number but the grandiose affair we tend to make it. And, what festival would be complete without food buffet, grand decoration, and FIREWORKS!

Although, the concept of fireworks was introduced in around 200B.C. by Chinese people. What started off as a practice to thwart evil spirits, became an expression over the years. Earlier fireworks, or crackers – due to the crackling noise made by burning chemicals and paper, only emitted orange light. It was only when the Italians brought some compositional changes to make it more sparkly and induced colours. The tradition of bursting crackers during any celebration was introduced and later popularised when King Henry VII had a firework show during his marriage.

While this had no relation to any events which happened according to Hindu mythology, yet people have a strange way of linking everything to some religious aspect to make it more sell-able. As did by Nadar brothers during early half of 20th century. Their experience with match stick industry and the presence of their factories across India, gave them a perfect platform to launch something new on a large scale. This was a business opportunity, exploited well by the Nadar brothers; who started selling crackers while relating them to religious events. The chemicals used to make fireworks were definitely not available during the Ram Rajya or Treta Yug or any other era, prominent in any mythology.

While bursting crackers has long become a tradition, the after effects of it has been alarming. The fireworks industry has had trouble with child labour, occupational hazards, environmental impact, health issues, and not to forget the garbage. Well the list goes on! But, who needs the list when only one issue can be used to fuel the political campaign. Almost always, I admire how every politician is capable of blowing any smallest issue out of proportion, while loathing the fact that we have such people running the country.

Yes people do have the right to enjoy the festival the way they want, yes the people have right to have a healthy life, and yes to so many other things. It’s highly debatable and there are people for and against the argument. And politicians are taking advantage of such sentiments to fuel their own motives. Amidst all this, the issues which have larger impact are left out and never discussed.

  • Is the pollution only caused by crackers?
  • What about the crops which are burnt all across the fields in surrounding states?
  • Why take time to ban the crackers?
  • Why ban Chinese crackers while allowing trading of other items?
  • Why not ban imports from China at all?

It’s not so easy! It would be a political disaster and bad for economy! It can lead to unrest in the longer run!

When it comes to another nation, people do tend to give some thought. But, when it comes to raising their voice against ruling party then they seem to lose their mind. Why can’t everyone work together and find solution which benefits everyone. Why do you forget that you’re a human first and any environmental impact will affect you too? It’s not like the smog will stay away from you because you are a politician or you have Z-cover security!

Are you not in public office to serve the people? Then why can’t you work upon solutions which improve the lives of people who voted you to the office, in the first place. Picking up a burning issue and making media appearances would only earn your ratings, but your inability to actually resolve the issue will have a long lasting impact on the lives of others. So next time you go out making your political agenda and acting all crazy, think about yourself and your own family; after all they are also susceptible to environmental change.

In an essence,

  1. If you are planning to ban fireworks then DO IT NOW! There will never be a right or wrong time for it since there will be some festival going on always, and some section of community will be against it.
  2. You can’t educate the farmers, let’s accept that. But, you can guide them and empower them with new tools, machinery, and ways of farming which will be beneficial for everyone. It’s not like farming waste is not disposed off in other parts of the world. They don’t resort to burning and creating pollution. LEARN FROM THEM!
  3. Don’t be afraid of making change. You’re in power and you ought to do what is right for the people. DON’T POLITICISE EVERY ISSUE!


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